Forum Upgrade

Quiv - 03/Dec/2008

I've upgraded the forum to PHPBB3. New look, better functionality. Unfortunately, new URL. Use the link on the left, or below:

EDIT: It appears the redirect wasnt working so i've changed the URL back to PHPBB2 (even though that's not correct). Both URLs (phpBB2 or forum) should work.

7IT TF2 Server!

Quiv - 18/Jun/2008

No More.

Meet the Sniper Video released

Quiv - 17/Jun/2008

"The difference being, one is a job, and one is a mental sickness."

TF2 Pyro Update, Meet the Sniper

Quiv - 16/Jun/2008

From ShackNews:

The update includes three unlockable weapons—such as the previously unveiled Axtinguisher—which can be obtained via 35 new class-specific achievements. Valve has previously stated that the Pyro update will also include "significant changes" to the core class which will be enacted regardless of whether players have the new weapons.

In addition to the new weapons and achievements, two community-created maps for the game will be included in the update. To tide players over til Thursday, Valve also plans to release Meet the Sniper, the latest video in its series of comedic class profiles, tomorrow morning.

We are no longer a CS Community.

FecalFacial - 13/Oct/2006

we are just a rough collection of internet 'friends' (no, I dont really consider any of you friends) who talk about once every two weeks - Just often enough to make Quiv keep spending money.

Gooooooooo QUIV!